Update: Our tree-river of ideas

Dear Friends,

The planning group for our Mission Hill High School design team met on Thursday, September 24. Ayanna, Amina, Dani, Linda, Ayla, Jenerra, Amanda, Marc, Beth W., Beth B., Ed, Dara and I participated in the planning. How might we organize the generative ideas from our September 19th community design meeting? We went with Ed’s suggestion to use a tree as an organizing symbol for our review of the notes and charts from all three groups. We saw resonances, and we individually listed words thick with concepts on the whiteboard.

The words began to gather into relationships; individually, we placed words at the roots, the trunk, branches, leaves. The tree seemed to become a river when Beth Balliro saw something less linear, more interconnected, a reciprocity between the roots and the branches. The relationships began to re-curve, re-turn.The tree-river became a Banyan tree! The Banyan tree is revelatory; you agree? See attached photo.

Our Banyan river-tree of ideas.

Our Banyan tree-river of ideas.

We collaboratively articulated a goal for our next design meeting, which has been revised and reviewed since. Goal: to capture, map, express possibilities for a concept (“community”), a person (“student”), and a practice (“reflection”) in one day in the life of our high school. How can our visions translate into tangible practices and ways of being?

Ayanna Lord, MHS staff and alum, and Amanda Ng Yann Chwen, Tufts University student, will be facilitating MHHS design work for MHS students and alumni on October 24th, 1-4pm at Mission Hill School.

Our next community design meeting has been moved to Saturday, October 31st, 11am-3pm at Mission Hill School, to allow Deborah Meier, MHS Founder, to join us! Agenda is forthcoming.

Come prepared to collaborate, create and share!


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