Update: Brochure and cheat sheet

We’ve been continuing conversations about creating Mission Hill High School. Click here to see the brochure we created in February 2017 about the process so far.

Cheat Sheet: Mission Hill High School design process

  1. When did planning for Mission Hill High School (MHHS) start?
    For years, different groups of people have been having conversations of building an artscience high school in Boston. In 2014, the groups finally crossed paths and the idea of creating a Mission Hill High School emerged. In September 2015, we had our first community design meeting to dream up our high school. Since then, we have had more community and planning meetings. We have made art, danced, created samples of “a day in the life of a MHHS student,” shared food and listened to each other.
  2. Who is designing MHHS? Why is a community design process important?
    The MHHS design team is made up of community members — students, alumni, educators, families, neighbors, community partners and more — who attend community design meetings. Within the community design team, there is a smaller planning team that coordinates the process of bringing community members together. MHHS is designed by a collective of community voices in spaces that are open to all, instead of created by any single person behind closed doors. The collective design process models the habits of mind and work that we will propose to our students.
  3. In this community design process, what has the community envisioned together?
    Our vision is to create a high school for students who struggle within traditional school structures. We want to extend our model structurally and curricularly into a highly inclusive high school that prepares all learners. Students will learn to become eco-literate citizens and change-makers with the knowledge and skills to envision solutions to challenges of 21st century life in socially just ways.  With creativity as a core goal of learning and diversity as a core principle of design, MHHS will build on each student’s potential, nurturing graduates who will be resourceful and resilient life-long, life-deep and life-wide learners.  As a high school that immerses students in a research-intensive education through studio-lab practices, MHHS will serve as a model for 21st century learning.  
  4. When will MHHS open?
    Our goal is for MHHS to open its doors in Fall 2018.
  5. Who would go to MHHS? What kind of students would want this school?
    Mission Hill K-8 School grads can continue their Mission Hill education by attending MHHS. Additionally, MHHS opens its doors to all youths of Boston — for those who want an education that crosses disciplinary boundaries to propose democratic ways of thinking and being.
  6. How is MHHS different from other schools?
    It is a public pilot high school, practices full inclusion, and uses an art science studio lab inquiry model.
  7. What are our next steps?
    Our next steps include the launch of the MHHS Action Team, a small of group of parent advocates for our school, and initiate conversations about a lab-school within public institutions, such as Massachusetts College of Art and Design and University of Massachusetts at Boston.

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