Spring 2018 Update

A flurry of activity has been underway on behalf of our high school. Here’s a quick update of what we have been up to, and, as always, thank you for your advocacy.

June 2018


June 1st is the deadline for Mass IDEAS School Model Design (massideas.org), a planning grant worth up to $150,000. Design teams are invited to participate in a summer design studio, July 17-19. Participation in the studio and the application will allow us to be considered for the grant.

May 2018 

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 7.40.51 AM

We have been learning from MHHS design team member and MassArt student, Sarah King. Like a Flip Flop, and Ice Cream, is a set of non-conventional functional monkey bars created by Sarah in collaboration with Jada Brown’s Kindergarten class at Mission Hill. Sarah created the monkey bars by first gathering information from the kindergarten students around play and playgrounds, sketching a design that embodied their thinking, and then used metal fabrication and welding to build the structure that kids were eventually going to climb upon. Her project exemplifies the studio-lab practices we intend at MHHS. 
We are pleased to report that the Center for Artistry and Scholarship will continue to support our design work with a multi-year grant. The second year grant will support 3 areas: 1) professional development and travel for design team members to study models of school innovation, 2) “lab school” concept conversations with MassArt and Wentworth Institute, and 3) our multi-media campaign, “Our Students are Our Story.”
On Friday, May 11, MHHS design team members Roberta Logan (retired MHS teacher), Krina Patel (researcher on the body and cognition) and Abdi Ali (MHS teacher) met with Mel King (community activist and scholar). Mr. King reflected on his early exposure as learner to a variety of skills in electricity, carpentry, sewing, cooking, drafting, playing music and working on an internal combustion engine. Resonating with our proposal for a high school to educate diverse learners and using their communities as contexts for learning, he offered his support, saying, “this vision must happen.”

A huge thank you and goodbye to Liz, who stepped into our work believing that another kind of education is possible. We are happy to report that we have not disappointed her – another kind of education is happening at MHS and she takes with her living ideas of democratic schooling.  Liz, thank you, for the substantive agendas, the facilitation, the interviews of team members, and for a solid draft of the RFP. Liz will be teaching 4th graders on the West Coast next year.

March 2018
The Design Colloquium was a huge success! Mission Hill High School continues to get a lot love and support. We dug into the essentials for moving our vision forward. Here are some artifacts from our work:



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