What kind of world do you want to create?
What high school experience will help create that world?

Mission Hill K-8 School is excited to announce the beginning of an exploration into creating Mission Hill High School.   

DSC_0067What we’re up to:

We invite you to join a conversation to imagine democratic educational possibilities for young people that cross boundaries of academics and arts, studio and laboratory, school and community, learning and teaching, understanding and action.

We are looking for a diverse group of passionate people from every walk of life. Students, parents, caregivers and family members, educators, community advocates, scientists, artists …

Voices of every variety are welcome and encouraged to join.


Who we are:
The Mission Hill High School Design Team is a multi-disciplinary, multi-generational, multi-institutional, and multi-cultural group of people rooted in the Mission Hill School communities.

We are united in our commitment to transform the high school experience of Boston’s youth towards engaged learning and activism in relation to critical 21st century challenges.


How you can be involved: 

  1. Join the mailing list
  2. Follow our journey via our updates
  3. Attend our next meeting. All are welcome!
  4. Bring more friends into this circle
  5. Have an idea, or want to talk to us? Reach out to Dani Coleman at highschool@missionhillschool.org